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Recent Videos

Historic Videos

Doctrine video shots
Major Stephen Court

A series of 20 short videos
about doctrinal issues and
to strengthen your Christian walk of faith.

War College Video

"I am The War College"



All you need is love
1960's video

low resolution video

Time Lapse video

Main & Hastings by day
(east Vancouver, BC)

Harbourlight services
1960's video

low resolution video

Time Lapse video

Main & Hastings by night
(east Vancouver, BC)

S.A. summer camps
1960's video

low resolution video

A cause to die for
...all Salvation Army soldiers




Emergency services
1960's video

low resolution video

A story to tell

Note: For Christian ministry purposes, a higher resolution file is available for download.

   High resolution,
very large file size, 162 MB
(right click, and choose 'save target as' option)

   Medium resolution,
large file size, 45 MB
(right click, and choose 'target as' option)
If you download one of these files, please send us an email, and tell us how you are using the video.

House of Concord
1960's video

low resolution video

Services to Military
1960's video

low resolution video

Love has feet
by Regan Lipsett

(smaller files )
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Lorne Greene promo
1960's video

low resolution video


by Kristen Ivany

She searched the internet for graphic images of both the extreme need in the world and the Kingdom response.

Services to Seniors
1960's video

low resolution video

One Thing

Band: Finger 11
Album: Finger 11
Song: One Thing

The War Cry
1960's video

low resolution video

Multimedia presentation available about the life story of William & Catherine Booth
Blood & Fire is the life story of William and Catherine Booth, founders of The Salvation Army. This exciting journey in sound and drama features 38 gifted actors portraying a multiple cast of 120 different characters taken from the pages of over seventy years of Army history. The handsomely packaged 3 CD set features film quality sound design and an original orchestrated score.

S.A. images
1960's video

low resolution video

Tunic On?

Every soldier should keep their tunic on...
(a classic from the
USA Western Territory)


Historic Video - General Booth automobile campaign


 From one end of England to the other, 1200+ miles by motorcar in 1904
(with thanks to Switzerland Territory)


Historic Video - Founding of The Salvation Army


1878, from the
'Christian Mission' to
'The Salvation Army'

(with thanks to Switzerland Territory)


Historic Video -
funeral procession


20 August 1912
"God's Soldier"

(with thanks to Switzerland Territory)



  Beautiful Feet
part 1

promo clip from 1999 USA Western Territory Youth Institute

...let your feet be beautiful
for Jesus.

Beautiful Feet
part 2

highlights from 1999 USA Western Territory Youth Institute





Audio Resources

Audio recordings of William Booth 
Hear brief messages by the Founder, which are part of a large audio collection online from Michigan State University.

Historic Audio - "Don't Forget" by William Booth
>> listen

1898 Army recording - Colonel John Lawley  >listen<
The U.K. Salvationist reported how recordings of Colonel John Lawley, have been discovered that date back to
February 12, 1898.


gave a 'new sound' to Salvation Army worship and praise back in the 1960's. Two of their songs, even made it onto the regular radio hit list.

It's an open secret
released in 1964, made it to #32 on the singles chart
A starry night
released in 1964, made it to #35 on the singles chart

with Major George Clarke
A hundred years of war










Print Resources

Post card from
the Founder

from Australian Southern Territory

Leadership Training

by Peter Lublink


So you have been on the prowl trying to find the perfect, yet affordable leadership resource to work through with your congregation. Or maybe you had never thought of giving your congregation and your young people a resource that deals explicitly with leadership and you only stumbled across this site by chance. Wherever you find yourself today I encourage you to take a moment and read through some of what ONLEADERSHIP is all about. First of all, it is a course that has been designed to be engaging, practical, Biblical and best of all, FREE. So there are no strings attached and no pressure to purchase something.

>> download page

Writings from the Founders...

To my officers  >view<
General Booth wrote to his officers at the beginning of the 20th century, to encourage them in the fight for souls. His words are equally relevant today.

Six Resolutions  >view<
by William Booth at age 20

"Papers on Aggressive Christianity"  >view<
read the original works, written by Catherine Booth
(PDF file from

In Darkest England and the Way Out  >view<
The classic book written by William Booth

The Founder speaks of
First Principles and Dangers

fragmentary notes taken at a staff council that was held in January 1893

To the Brethren and Sisters Labouring for Jesus
1869 letter by William Booth


'RATIONS'   book

We want to stay close to Jesus. For some of us, that requires GETTING close, first. For all of us, it demands a daily dedication to God, time alone with Him in prayer and with the Scriptures.
In The Salvation Army we call this essential discipline RATIONS. Just as a military soldier gets daily nutritional intake of food and drink to fuel his/her military efforts for king and country, a salvation soldier needs daily spiritual intake of PRAYER and the WORD to fuel his/her spiritual efforts for the Lord.


U.K. Posters
#1    #2    #3    #4  

The Salvation Army, U.K. Territory used bold posters which put a graphic 'face' to suffering, Sept.1999

Light up more than your tree this Christmas
The Salvation Army Canadian Territory uses a graphic image with a play on words to send a message during the Christmas 2003 season.



Time to Shop
The Salvation Army Canadian Territory used an interesting play on words to send a message during the 2002 Christmas season



Reinventing the Movement
Available for free download at:

Commissioner Jim Knaggs wrote a provocative blog asking several questions around the idea that it might be time to reinvent the movement of The Salvation Army.  Noland and Court applied Alan Hirsch's missional DNA components to each of Knaggs's questions and generated some possible futures for the Army.  The result is REINVENTING THE MOVEMENT: What if Knaggs is right?  General Paul Rader contributes the insightful foreword to this challenging book.

Published by The Salvation Army, USA Western Territory, 2016




Gospel Tract - "How to Find God"
by General William Booth  >view tract<
(this old gospel tract, has been re-formatted by Jonathan Evans for use as an evangelism tool.)

One of the reasons converts in the early Army experienced miraculous change in their lives is that they dealt with sin before salvation.  The popular tract that the Army used in those days is called HOW TO FIND GOD. It hammers sin.
Too often these days our converts are stuck in Romans 7 when they should be enjoying a holiness experience. If we are faithful in walking sinners through these steps we can avoid a lot of the issues that arise later.
We encourage you to print this tract off, make heaps of copies, and use it with your friends. Although it seems mechanical it is beneficial and could save you hours of deliverance sessions and your convert years of a failing Christian experience.
Let us know the victories at

1978 International Congress covenant

1906 postcard of
Salvation Army IHQ

Holiness Covenant   >view<
found in an old SA Ceremony Book

Is there such a thing as safe sin?  >view<
advertisement placed in USA Today
by Middleton Bible Church in August 2003

'Bible & bread' photo
taken using 1896 KJV Bible
 & whole grain bread

SA Doctrines Poster

created by Rebecca Austin of the Revolution session of
The War College

Map of S.A. Emergency Responses














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