Doctrine shots
Major Stephen Court



A 20 part video series of two minute doctrine shots

Fullness of the Kingdom:

You cannot earn God's love, but you can earn his trust.
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Biblical Examples:

Good Intentions to accomplish great ends
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Spirit Filled Covenant:

God holds us responsible
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Effective Soldiership:

Do you keep your promises to God?
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World Conquest:

The Spirit of Salvationism. A true soldier in the Salvation Army.
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Growing in Grace:

Means of finding grace and growing spiritually.
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Christian Values:

Are your values compatible with a Christian lifestyle?
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Christian Integrity:

Allow the Holy Spirit to fulfill you. Turn from your sins.
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Christian Ideals:

We go through this life once, then we sit through eternity.
We want there to be no regrets at all about any of it.
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Sanctity of Marriage and Family:

By marriage the family remains the basic source of nurture, of love,
of economic and other life supports, of fundamental education,
socialization, spiritual, and moral development.
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Saved to Save:

A faithful intentional effort to evangelize.
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Large Proportions:

Make all you can. Save all you can. Give all you have.
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A Covenant:

During popularity or persecution show the spirit of salvationism.
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Don't settle for less than your best. To be a Salvation Army Soldier
you must swear to give up your worldly desires in favor of
a wholesome pure avoidance of drugs, alcohol, and pornography.
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SA Discipline:

We want to be a pure and spotless bride decked out in Army boots
that we use to stomp all over the Devil's jugular.
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Invest in the Salvation of Everyone:

Justice through the perspective of salvation. Holiness is the solution to every problem.
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All I Can:

What do we give back to God?
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Declare Obedience to Christ as a Soldier:

Obey lawful orders of our superiors for Christ. Do not just follow the actions
and demands of others. Do what is right for God always.
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Commitment to Christ as a Soldier:

Are you living a mediocre life or an extraordinary commitment to God
that is far more fulfilling than the physical desires of this world?
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Soldiers for Christ:

The Kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of Christ.
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