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The Baptism of Soldiers

Salvation Army Orders and Regulations for Field Officers (1917)


Book I, Part III, Chapter II, Section 7

The Baptism of Soldiers


1. The Field Officer must lead his Soldiers on to the full realization of the baptism of the Holy Ghost; he must make them Blood-and-Fire. The work of the Spirit is to fill the soul with burning zeal for the Salvation of the world. Christ’s work must be finished. He has left that task to His people, and it can only be continued and completed by His Spirit working in the hearts and through the lives of His people. The Holy Ghost was promised for this end. This is what His people have therefore a right to expect, and without it they are powerless for the War.


(a) This enduement will make them wise. They will know how to fight, what to say, what to sing, how to pray, and how to talk to the consciences and hearts of men. The Spirit will lead them into right methods of action, will show them how to make opportunities, and how to put these opportunities to the best use.


(b) The Holy Spirit will give them perseverance, keeping them going on in the face of difficulty.


(c) The Holy Spirit will give them power, making them not only willing to endure the Cross, but to glory in it.


(d) The Holy Spirit will give them the fire of love, the seraphic spirit, the live coal from off the altar, making them both burn and shine. With this they will come to Knee-Drill, to the Open-Air, to face mocking crowds, and to endure the scorn, and hatred, and persecution of men ; not merely from a sense of duty, dragging themselves to it, because it is the will of God ; or for the good of The Army ; or as an example to their comrades ; or even for the Salvation of souls ; but because they love it, and cannot stay away.


(e) The Holy Spirit will be a fire in their bones, which must have vent ; a spirit that must have a voice ; a love burning in the heart, which all the waters of earth and Hell cannot quench — a love with which no other love can compare. It will be the Saviour loving a dying world through His people ; it will be Christ indeed come again in the flesh.


2. The Soldiers must be baptized with Fire. It will give them the Soldier’s spirit, and, with that, all a Soldier needs in the way of drill, and duty, and sacrifice will inevitably follow.













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