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The Great Object For Which God Made You
by Founder William Booth

TO MY OFFICERS: A letter from the General on his eightieth birthday.

(editor’s note: this applies to all soldiers, of course)


The great object for which God has made you Salvation Army Officers…:

1. The putting down of rebellion of men against the Divine government.

2. The expulsion of all wrongdoing from the earth.

3. The dethronement of the devils that now occupy the hearts of men.

4. The universal acceptance by men of Jesus Christ as their Sovereign Lord.

5. The beginning of the reign of righteousness, and the obedience of the entire race to the law of love. (p14,15)



JAC: This is total war leading to total victory.  This is humanly impossible.  We cannot rely on gumption or ingenuity or commitment or networks or credibility or resources.  We need some help!  So…



"I began my career with the old-fashioned affirmation, ‘I believe in the Holy Ghost’." (p32,33)


“The Holy Ghost is with me.  He is in my heart at the moment.  He is in the work I am doing.  He will be with me in the business and in the Meetings I am contemplating.  He will inspire me with the words I want to speak.  He will furnish me with the money I need.  He will raise me up the friends I require.  He will see me safely through my whole career, and He will make me more than a conqueror, living, dying, and for ever.”


“Say to yourselves, over and over and over again, ‘I believe in the Holy Ghost’, and then act consistently with your belief.” (p36)



JAC: “I believe in the Holy Ghost!”  This is not just a nice historic tickle.  Try it.  Now.  Over and over again.  Make it a salvo cantillation to recite in your mind while washing the dishes and cleaning the toilet and travelling to work or school or the barracks.  And track the changes in your life over the next month. 


















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