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A God-born Army
by General Paul Rader

A God-born Army requires competent and godly leadership - leadership with clarity of vision and an evident anointing of the Spirit. Discerning and affirming the leader to take the movement forward with a certainty of direction is the task of the High Council. In fact, its only task. Who emerges as the General for this time is not only a matter of interest, but of critical importance to every Salvationist. True, in the event, a body of 120 or so men and women will be required to speak for an Army of 1,000,000 and more Salvationists around the world. But they are informed, experienced and spiritually sensitive leaders from every command and territory. They are Independent in their judgments. We are praying that in the intensely spiritual atmosphere in which they will meet this chosen body will know the mind of the Spirit.


Does this matter to those of us who are ordinary Salvationists caught up in the ministries of our local corps? Indeed, it does. There is much at stake that touches the life of every corps and every soldier. Who we are and what are we called to be and do in our lost and troubled world - beginning with the opportunities right before us wherever we are. How do we and how will we understand our mission and purpose? And what should be our priorities in fulfilling that mission?


The General plays a key role in determining and promoting our understanding of all this and so much more.

  • The General represents us. The General has a major role in setting the spiritual tone for the Army.

  • The General guards the doctrinal integrity of the Army

  • The General has a fiscal responsibility for the Army.

  • The General selects or approves top leadership in the Movement.

  • The General is both a symbol of our unity as a worldwide movement but actively promotes it.

  • The General is charged with maintaining the legacy, guiding the mission, and pointing the future of the Movement.


In all this the General serves both as CEO and spiritual leader.


Few churches or missions come close to putting the measure of authority and influence in the hands of their leaders as does the Army. It is all the more critical that we join in a global concert of prayer for God’s guidance to be granted the members of the High Council as they seek to know the mind of the Lord in identifying the person to be our global leader.


No one ‘runs’ for the Generalship. It is not a political objective to be sought. If nominated, one can choose to stand for election or not. It is a task, a heavy mantle of responsibility one is called and chosen to accept. In all the proceedings of the Council and the pre-Council program the members give themselves to recognizing the person with oil on their brow and fire in their heart whom God has chosen and anointed for this hour.


The Council needs — requires the mobilization of our prayer power around the Army world focused on these critical days in May as the High Council convenes. We can be a part of this. Our prayer participation matters. Helpful materials have been prepared and regular bulletins will be made available. What will you and I do?


Let’s pray

Father, this is about You and the Army born in Your heart and fighting under Your banner. Guide those charged with seeking Your will in this matter so vital to the future. Bring Your people together around the world to join in interceding for the members of the Council as they prepare their hearts for the task before them. Your will be done so that Your Army may sense Your blessing and guidance as we confront the challenges to which we are committed. Your Kingdom come and Your will be done here and now for Your Glory. We pray in the strong name of Jesus, the Captain of our Salvation. Amen.












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