JAC Online

Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court

Greetings in Jesus' name.  Mercy and peace to you from God our Father.  I trust the battle progresses well on your front.  Welcome to JAC151! 


Yes, we continue to innovate and JAC151 extends this streak.  As well as another JAC Exclusive interview, we've got two artificial intelligence-generated articles dreamed up by Salvationists.  Here's the issue:


USE's Steve Bussey tackles Mission Drift.  Has your own mission drifted?


USE's Major Charles Roberts draws our Attention To The Holy.  Are you giving attention to the Holy?


We follow with a JAC Exclusive Interview with Colonel Eddie Hobgood about his forthcoming book, THE SANCTIFIED SALVATIONIST SHOWMAN, to be published by Crest Books, 2024.


'What Does The World Say About The Salvation Army?' is an AI-generated article in response to the question by Commissioner Jim Knaggs.  Does this align with your perspective? 


'AI William Booth On The Salvation Army' is an AI-generated article in response to the question by Phil Laeger.  What do you think? 


USE's Steve Bussey wraps up our issue with Booth On The Bible.  How would an article about YOU on the Bible read? 


And that's JAC151.  Hallelujah.  May it inspire, challenge, and edify as we seek to accelerate the advance of the salvation war throughout the world. Feel free to scroll through the previous 150 issues, all free, in the armybarmy archives. 











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