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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court

Greetings in Jesus' name.  Mercy and peace to you from God our Father.  I trust the battle progresses well on your front.


Welcome to JAC147 - the 147th edition of Journal of Aggressive Christianity.  We have three guidelines for our contributions: edifying, orthodox, and provocative.  And our slate of articles in JAC147 fits the standard.  We're grateful to each of our contributors for their generous, challenging submissions. 


Captain Erin Wikle (USW) kicks things off with 'Theological Drift: A new reality in The Salvation Army.'  This article was originally published in Volume 4 of The Western Territorial Salvation Army Biblical, Theological, and Missiological Society. 


Steve Bussey (USE) follows with 'No Orthodoxy?', a corrective to the very drift Wikle has identified.


Captain Sam Nolan Jones (USC) learns some healing lessons in Exodus 14, 15 through 'Bitter Waters'.


Major Terence Hale (C&B) helps all of us, including those drifting without orthodoxy, to see a new way, in 'Generous Eyes And New Wine: Perspective From Luke 4-6'. 


Major Charles Roberts (USE) helps us apply these new lenses and new ways of seeing in 'Ezekiel 37 And The Restoration Of Hope'. 


Captain Erik Johansson (Latvia) helps us to see the great commission from a new perspective in 'An Exegetical Study Of Philippians 3:17–21.'


And we wrap up JAC147 with two pieces, one aimed at Salvos - 'Salvationist Quadrilateral' and one aimed at folk who aren't following Jesus - 'An Experiment For Those Living Without God Today'.


As always, please read devotionally, share liberally, and apply missionally.  If you finish up JAC147 before JAC148 is due out (December 1 will feature a special feature, should Jesus tarry), be sure to review the previous 146 issues. 


Stay close to Jesus.  Keep fighting as warriors.  Much grace.










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