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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court, Editor


Greetings in Jesus' name.  Welcome to JAC143!  This is the 143rd issue of Journal of Aggressive Christianity.  Our parameters for JAC submissions are pretty broad: orthodox, provocative, edifying. 


Orthodox: JAC is not interested in stepping outside of the big tent of the theological understandings of our tradition (though long-time readers might fairly argue that we tend to lean toward one extreme in that big tent). 


Edifying: JAC aims to build up and not to tear down.  Admittedly, as peace is sometimes achieved only on the other side of conflict (e.g. kick the demon out and then experience shalom), occasionally construction follows deconstruction. 


Provocative: JAC deliberately prompts strong reaction, whether to sacrificial love, to outrageous mercy, to hardcore holiness... Otherwise, we might all just continue to scroll through our social media feeds.


JAC143 clearly fits JAC parameters:


Founder Catherine Booth makes a pitch for compassion in Sanctified Humanity.


Steve Bussey unapologetically assets the unpopularity and indispensability of Blood And Fire.


Founder William Booth hammers the The Great Object For Which God Made You.


Back to Steve Bussey, who elaborates on The Spirit of Blood And Fire.


And next, with our most provocative title of JAC143, The Baptism Of Soldiers - read it before you go losing your sanctification.


Finally, Gospel Piggybacking is something we've been thinking about for a long time.  And here's a first stab at it.


And that's JAC143.  It fittingly lines up behind the previous 142 issues of JAC - all available for free in the archives (accessible at the bottom of the front page) for your further and deeper inspiration.  May these articles help you and your comrades accelerate the advance of the salvation war on your front. 
















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