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Editorial Introdction
by Major Stephen Court

Greetings in Jesus' name.  Mercy and peace to you from God our Father.  Welcome to JAC139 - the 139th issue of Journal of Aggressive Christianity, reaching all the way back to the previous century.  And following hard on the heels of JAC138 - the Richard Munn Issue - we present to you JAC139 - the Janet Munn Salute. 


Colonel Janet Munn retires from active service during the release time period of JAC139.  Munn is The Salvation Army's apostle of fullness (holiness+), spreading this full Gospel widely.  She is a descendant of the Biblical persistent widow, launching and leading lengthy extraordinary global non-stop prayer and advancing the cause of justice.  She is champion of women (the world's most marginalised people group).  She is mother to a generation of younger warriors.  So, we're collecting a selection of her writings from past JACs to salute her and edify you.          


But to kick things off, we look to her children, and, with permission, share their retirement meeting eulogy:


The Six Great Moments Of The Day - Olivia Munn-Shirsath and Nealson Munn


The Disciplines


Fasting - The First Works of Jesus


A Short History of Fasting


To Love and Serve Him Supremely all my Days


Biblical, Theological, and Historical Foundations


Continued Obedient Faith as Holy Witness Through Participation in Small Groups [aka Wesley’s “Class Meetings”]


Introduction to Discipleship


Discipleship – Part Two


Discipleship – Part Three


How Long Lord, How Long?


A Call To War


And to wrap up JAC139 content, a personal Retirement Salute by Australian Captain Nicola Poore.  How about this excerpt?  "The concentration of Christ in you has a gravitational pull that draws others into his presence. It is rare and it is beautiful."  Read the whole article!


This will whet your appetite for more Munn.  You can read her books, and listen to her teaching and preaching.  And if you ever exhaust that, we invite you to the 138 previous issues of JAC offering a free treasury of content for the eager reader.  Should Jesus tarry, stay tuned for more.  Stay close to Jesus.  Much grace. 








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