JAC Online

Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court


Greetings in Jesus' name.  Welcome to JAC132. 


Major Robert Evans, in the Solomon Islands, leads off with a paper on 'Biblical Justice, Human Rights, and Advocacy' in which he creates a framework for sorting a common path between cultural values and human rights toward the end of 'cultural transformation and human flourishing'.


Captain Pete Brookshaw in western Australia, asks, 'How Long Will It Be, Salvation Army?' Breaking down a famous text in Mark, Brookshaw wonders if Jesus can make The Salvation Army a dynamic missional movement again (and he provides a definitive answer).


Colonel Richard Munn at IHQ (in New York), describes 'The Personality Of Our Doctrines'.  This article proved quite popular on another platform and we secured permission to run it here (and in so doing, helped guarantee it will be conveniently accessible to readers and researchers until Jesus returns [if the website costs keep getting met!]).   


Commissioner Clive Adams, in Sweden, clarifies some misconceptions in his piece 'Exclusive Inclusion' as he distinguishes between the universal Gospel and the free will exercised to receive and embrace it.  This will be a helpful distinction for some readers.


Then we've got a little S2S trilogy starting with 'Saved To Save?' (a bit reworked from A FIELD FOR EXPLOITS by General Eva Burrows et al.), followed by an excerpt from General Bramwell Booth in 'Save To Save', and culminating with 'Saved To Save!'  This might be a new discussion for some.  It relates to the Ss on your uniform (if you are fighting in an English-language territory). 


And to wrap up JAC132 we riff on Catherine Booth's wildly popular statement (popular to those who have made the Jesus choice), 'It's Jesus Or Hell' (yes, we recognise that it is wildly unpopular to many, as well.  But who could dislike it but those who haven't yet chosen Jesus?). 


Thanks to all of the contributors.  And to the rest?  Thanks for reading and sharing.  May the contents of JAC132 stimulate love for Jesus and love for people for whom Jesus died and rose again.  Godspeed.











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