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SA Doctrines Poster


Rebecca Austin (Revolution Session) made this cool-looking Doctrines poster


>> download poster

Salvation Army Doctrines
Powerpoint Slideshow

A 12 slide powerpoint presentation
of the Salvation Army doctrines,
done in Post-Modern style by Major Richard Munn. 

click the S2S link to view the slides

  download Powerpoint file with 12 slides



A devotional book for Revos

revoDevos are crafted
by students and staff
of The War College (

Book #1 - Exodus
>>PDF file

Book #2 - Acts
>>PDF file

Book #3 - Galatians
>>PDF file

Gospel Tract - "How to Find God"
by General William Booth     > download tract <
(this old gospel tract, has been re-formatted by Jonathan Evans for use as an evangelism tool.)

One of the reasons converts in the early Army experienced miraculous change in their lives is that they dealt with sin before salvation.

The popular tract that the Army used in those days is called HOW TO FIND GOD. It hammers sin.

Too often these days our converts are stuck in Romans 7 when they should be enjoying a holiness experience. If we are faithful in walking sinners through these steps we can avoid a lot of the issues that arise later.

We encourage you to print this tract off, make heaps of copies, and use it with your friends. Although it seems mechanical it is beneficial and could save you hours of deliverance sessions and your convert years of a failing Christian experience.

Let us know the victories at

"Papers on Aggressive Christianity"  >view<
read the original works, written by Catherine Booth
(PDF file from

SA-SERIES Downloads

armybarmy is excited to provide you with high quality training material in Adobe PDF format.  The PDF format retains the layout and content for print and display on almost all computers worldwide.

 Save money and purchase a download copy of our training material to print on your own computer. Once your order is received and your creditcard billed, you will receive an email from us confirming your order with a link to download your purchase.

SA101 [ Adobe PDF format ] 1.08mb
only - $2.99 USD

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SA201  [ Adobe PDF format ] 1.28mb
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SA301  [ Adobe PDF format ] 10mb
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Quit typing those songs into Word or PowerPoint! Quit formatting and re-formatting and re-re-formatting!

Songsheet Generator is an application which prints songsheets and songbooks for home, small group, or large group overhead use. The program now runs on Microsoft Windows (native .exe), Mac OS X (Java-based native .app), which automatically formats and prints songsheets and songbooks for small or large group use.

It is a great resource for worship leaders. Try it yourself by printing a songsheet or songbook; see how easy
it is to use!  You can add your own songs or download CHORDPRO files from the internet.

This program is free software. Use it as you please. 

Screen shot - Windows XP


  • Print one, two, or four songs per page; or continuous
    1- or 2-column.

  • See a mini-preview of the selected song on the screen.

  • Transpose the chords in the song

  • Output to a printer, or to plain text or HTML files, with user-defined styles.

Songsheet Generator: Download Now!






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