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Drug of Choice Study Guide
by Commissioner Jim Knaggs

From the book ‘Drug of Choice’ by Commissioner Jim Knaggs


No Limits Together - Commissioners Carolyn and Jim Knaggs


1. What miracles of God have you seen or experienced in your life?

       How was your faith engaged?

       How does it inspire you today?

2. Make a list (short or long) of how you’ve seen God at work in your life and ministry.

       Thank Him for every occurrence and answer.

       How would you like Him to work in your life next?

3. Who can you encourage to imaginatively trust God?

       Do it and follow up with them to celebrate the unlimited presence of God in

       our lives.

       Encourage them to pass it on...

4. Have you met a “practical atheist” as described in the chapter?

5. Are you able to embrace these principles?

       determine not to be bounded by experience;

       determine not to settle into practical atheism;

       press in to Jesus so that we are truly enthusiastic possessed by God, inspired;

       teach and encourage others to also be truly enthusiastic;

       trust and obey.


“Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” - Hebrews 11:6



The Holiness Dilemma - Commissioner William Francis


1. Do you believe holiness is for you?

       How does the experience of holiness reveal itself in your life?

       How would your friends describe your holy life?

2. List five attributes of God consistent with His holiness.

       Which ones can be said of you (in His likeness)?

       Might you see ways to improve your walk to be more like God? Describe them.

3. How are you seeing growth in your holy living?

       What steps does it take on your part to grow in Christ?

       Make a list of the things you did this week to grow in this way.

4. Validate the work of God in your life by acknowledging to Him how He is drawing you closer to Him in relationship and in living your life.


“But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: ‘Be holy, because I am holy.” – 1 Peter 1:15-16



Lean Right, Love Left - Colonel Richard Munn


1. Describe what you understand of Salvation Army radicalism.

       List three areas where you have witnessed this radicalism.

       How comfortable were you with The Salvation Army’s position?

2. Describe what you understand of Salvation Army conservatism.

       List three experiences you’ve had with Salvation Army conservatism.

       How did these opportunities reflect your own interests?

3. Would Jesus be on the Left or the Right? Why?

4. Where do you stand?

       Is that always true?

       What guides you in your commitment?


"It is the “hurt” and not the “condition” that we must give our attention to. Get this right and we will get the balance right! Get this right and we will get the church right! Get this right and we will get the world right!” - Commissioner Joe Noland



A Little Greatness - Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham


1. Is creativity and innovation a gift from God?

       If it is, how then would we honor God with its use?

       If it isn’t, how then would we honor God with its use?

2. Does the absence of innovation or creativity speak to a deficit in our faith?

3. How can The Salvation Army better promote creativity and innovation?

       In our Mission?

       In our Leadership?

4. Consider:

       Take personal responsibility for your own creativity and innovation.

       Create Innovation teams at every level of the organization.

       Hold Innovation weekends. Invite all the creative innovators to a weekend of brainstorming, praying, thinking about how to put The Salvation Army back in its former position as a leader in mission advancement.

4. Encourage debate about what makes The Salvation Army, The Salvation Army.

5. Be prepared to stop what’s not working.


"I want to be part of an Army that is clear about its purpose and rich in its diversity. I want us to celebrate creativity and innovation within the Movement. I want to be part of an Army so driven by its purpose that it embraces creativity and innovation - because it is not satisfied with diminished impact and falling rolls. I want to be part of an Army that imagines a greater impact and works boldly and creatively to achieve it.” - Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham, Chief of the Staff



High Counsel - Commissioner Jim Knaggs


1. How are you leading in The Salvation Army?

       Who’s following you?

       What leaders have influenced your leadership the most?

       What principles of leadership (new and old) would advance the mission of the Army today?

2. How do you lead from the heart of God?

       Is your relationship with God growing? How?

       How is it that you know the heart of God better today from a year ago?

3. How does your example encourage others to follow God?

4. How can you demonstrate trust in your followers?

5. Consider how you:

       Lead through the storm

       Lead with confidence

       Lead with discipline

6. Are you leading others to follow Jesus?


Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” - John 14:6



God Beat In Time - Commissioners Vibeke and Dick Krommenhoek


1. What secular and culturally relevant forms do we creatively use today in The Salvation


       In worship

       In service

2. Describe the importance of excellence in what we do.

       How is this manifested in our creative endeavors?

       What do you suppose God is looking for from us in this regard?

3. How do we measure mission effectiveness in our creative expressions?

       Are people being drawn to Christ?

       Does the Holy Spirit have the freedom to minister?


"For Him, only the very, very best of our abilities is good enough.” - Commissioner Dick




Out Of The Rubble… Revolution - Major Stephen Court


1. What changes do we need in The Salvation Army?

       Changes where you are...

       Changes going forward...


2. Is God calling you to stay or go?

       What will you do?

       Can you do it with God’s help?

3. What extravagances might we do away with?

       in The Salvation Army?

       In our lives?

4. How can we persevere on “the lines of aggression?"

       Is our witness routine? How should it be aggressive?

       Are we concerned about change? How about advancing?

5. What does revolution for the sake of mission mean to us today?


"How would it be possible to bring about a revolution - a true revival - a grand aggressive movement of Christianity - without giving new light and calling somebody to some path in advance of all that has gone before? And what does it matter who - whether it is Peter, or John, or Luther, or Fox, or Wesley, or Booth - what does it matter, so that God does it?" - Catherine Booth



Booth-Tucker And The Fringle - Commissioner Mark Tillsley


1. How much am I willing to risk for the sake of the gospel?

       What does that look like exactly?

       How can I be sure it’s for the glory of God?

2. How do you actualize the responsibility to evangelize?




3. What gifts has God given you for His purposes?

       How are you using them?

       How are you developing them?

4. Who has shown you the way to creatively evangelize?

       How are you following their example?

       Who can you influence to be a creative evangelist?


"Let us be people who are in the business of affirmation and setting people free to be everything God intended them to be.” - Commissioner Mark Tillsley



Altars In The Street - Danielle Strickland


1. How did you come to faith?

       Describe the context of your family in this process. Did they lead you or did you lead them?

       How far back among those who lead you to Christ can you trace the gospel? Who lead them?

2. What can you do to advance the Gospel even more?

3. Do we need a “Cultural shift” in The Salvation Army today to be more missionally


       What would that look like?

       Who would do it?

4. Are we seeking the least, the last and the lost with creative and innovative ways?

       Does this mission still interest us?

       How do we show it?


"Surely, there is still time to respond to God’s call to make a way where there seems none. If ever an exodus was needed again, it is now” - Danielle Strickland



A Christmas Gecko - Major Rob Birks


1. If you knew you were to speak the final words to a person who was facing eternity, what would you say?

       How do you know the person you just met today isn’t facing eternity?

       What other ways might we communicate the gospel without words?

2. How does your story communicate the gospel of God’s love?

       Is it solely in your conversion?

       How is it seen in your daily life?

3. Which of Jesus’ stories do you like the best? Why?

4. Does the story depend upon the storyteller?

       If you can’t trust the storyteller, how can you trust the story?

       Is this why Christianity misses the mark when the storyteller is “unchristian?"

       How would holiness improve the impact of a storyteller?


“Let us live The Story and create stories that tell the Good News in visionary, revolutionary, mysterious ways.” - Major Rob Birks



Eras:  Choice Of Drug - Major Stephen Court


1. Are you a “little Christ?"

       In what ways?

       Do others know? How?

2. Are you a “little creator?"

       In what ways?

       Do others know that you’re imitating Christ?

3. How do these concepts describe you?





4. How can you help others to be like Christ?


"Be imitators of God, as beloved children.  And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” - Ephesians 5:1-2








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