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I'm Hoping
by Lieutenant Amanda Keene 

  I’m hoping for an outpouring of the Spirit in the Army – where we hear Him and move forward in obedience to Him, no matter what the cost.


  I’m hoping for unity in mission and purpose. So many times it seems like we are all in our own silos, working toward what WE want and what WE think should be happening, but it’s not really about us.


  I’m hoping that The Army’s collective desire would be to be more like Jesus, not to be a high ranking officer or popular soldier/local leader.


  I’m hoping that the salvation of others would be more of a priority over statistics, budgets and property projects.


  I’m hoping that we get back to the basics in a system that we’ve made so complicated. I’m hoping we can just do life with people in community, pointing each other to Jesus, holding one another accountable in love, living surrendered lives, ones that are generous and abundant, loving everyone with whom we come into contact.


  I’m hoping that our joy and passion is renewed.


  I’m hoping that there is freedom for dreamers to dream and visionaries to cast vision and that there is room for all to exercise their gifts.


  I’m hoping that being a disciple and making disciples is lived out in our day to day lives and ministries.


  I’m hoping that social justice isn’t just a buzz word, but that we would have a deep love and commitment to those who are marginalized.


  I’m hoping that Army leadership would reflect the nations – a glimpse into the diversity of heaven.


  I’m hoping for an Army that shuns no one and lovingly embraces everyone– an Army that lives out Kingdom values.


  I’m hoping for an Army rooted in the Word, fighting on our knees.


  I’m hoping for an Army that doesn’t play the comparison game, but instead lifts one another up, celebrating successes and joys, and comforting one another in times of grief. 


  I’m hoping for an Army who lives and moves out of their comfort zone – out of the comfort of sin, tradition, hierarchy, and entitlement.










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