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We Must Go Forward - The General is Spot On
by Captain Charles Roberts


"We Must Go Forward" is a prophetic document, reaching backward and propelling into the future with proleptic prowess. General Rader's got it right, spot on, dead center.


Not at all afraid to use militaristic terms, speaking of "a fighting force, furiously aggressive, a militant Army," yet judicious when speaking to the powers that attempt to thwart the growth of the Kingdom. 


When speaking of "cost-effective"  and "adequate, equitable, strategically responsible patterns of funding," we need no further committees, what we need are more officers like Major Fran Rader, who as a single officer and living in a large quarters, converted the quarters she was assigned into a halfway house. 


We need permission-giving and forward-thinking administrators who are not afraid to bite the bullet and attack areas for fiscal bloat.  Many of our systems are dependent on means of funding that are antiquated, and need new strategic models.


Can we eliminate headquarters units altogether to focus monies on mission? Yes.


Can we consolidate buildings that are unused, and consolidate Corps, repurpose building for mission? Yes.


Can we take on retail establishments in our center cities and use the profits for mission? Yes.


Who has the organizational will? I wonder.


We need to more fully embrace "philanthrocapitalism," or the use of business models to sustain ministry funding.  All over the world, there are high-capacity volunteers who can help us think into and beyond the future.   In places, where are major asset is real estate, we need to emulate Trinity Wall Street and "do the most good" with the holdings with which God has blessed us.


Media effectiveness needs to be taught at the highest level, with the best state-of-the-art knowledge available, from the most proficient professionals available.  The world is a single city now, we can no longer communicate our mission with means from a previous century (e.g., publications).  We have the access to millions at a single keystroke, through these means we can be opinion leaders.  This is what we are seeing with the fight against sexual trafficking.


Finally, what the West can learn from the so-called "underdeveloped world" is staggering.  The most effective "low-tech" approach to fighting social ills is recruiting allies who will come along side the local efforts.  The conversion explosion in the global South is a result of blood-and-fire soldiers and officers, pouring our their lives, putting their lives and livelihoods on the line, to do the most good.


More than a tagline, more than a slogan, "We Must Go Forward".















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