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by Jeni Lipsett

A comfortable and adored bride. Asleep in the night, though she must have been waiting for him as the lantern was still lit. She was warm and comfortable in the security of her bed. However, she was unwilling to respond to the call of her lover who had been in the dark of the night, his head heavy with the wet dew.


She yearned for the intimacy and closeness of her lover, but He was calling her to leave the warmth and comfort of her bed. He was calling her to a more mature understanding of what it was to love Him and to be his partner. He was calling her to share His suffering with Him.


She waited too long to respond, and He left without her. Too late she awakened to His call. She went out without Him, and the cost was heavier than what it could have been had she opened the door to Him right away. No matter what should have been, her Lover loved her enough to not give up on her and, she, in her way, loved Him enough to repent of her complacency.


The body of Christ is in a season where Jesus is awakening His church. He wants His church to mature in her love for Him. He is calling us to a deeper understanding of His love. Jesus is standing at the door of our hearts, knocking. He is trying to open the latch, but it has been locked and He cannot enter. There are two potential reasons why we have locked the doors of our hearts to Him:


The first being His calling the body of Christ to seek Him, to share in the fellowship of His suffering; to be willing to leave the comfortable places; to risk all for the sake of Him. The Salvation Army has a vast history of being willing to lay down her life for the call of Christ and go into the darkest places of the earth. She has won many battles and continues to do so. However, I would argue that she has grown comfortable. She has grown comfortable behind her building walls and behind the walls of organization and hierarchy. Jesus is calling The Salvation Army to awaken to her first love. He is calling her to come alive once again and be reminded of her first and most important call, to Him.


Or it could be that the door that Jesus is knocking on is more intimate. The door could represent areas of our hearts that have yet to be opened to the loving, and healing presence of the Father. As full-time ministry leaders, the demand to give more than is being received can be overwhelming and often louder than the knocking of the lover of our souls. Sometimes, Jesus wants to take us in the recesses of our hearts that are the darkest, most hidden, unseen places. He seeks entry, but they are locked, with signs that say, “Do Not Enter.” These are places long forgotten or buried under layers of dust and dirt, covered up by the stress and chaos that ministry brings. It is a door that is too scary to open because who knows what lies behind, who knows what darkness is waiting to surface and how do I even have time to deal with the pain. However, it is in these places that Jesus wants to deepen our trust of Him and He wants these places to be full of light and a garden of abundance. He wants ministry to pour through us in a fresh and new way. He is inviting us into the recesses of our hearts but are we too comfortable in our fear and our apathy? As we allow Jesus into these places, He brings freedom, He makes streams in the wilderness.


Jesus, you are the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE. You stand at the door and knock on the doors of our hearts, our churches. You long to enter in and seek to share your sufferings (Phil 3:8-12) with us. I pray that we will awaken and respond to the sound of Your voice. To the sound of your hand trying to unlatch the bolts on our heart. Make a way for us through this dark night that is to come upon us.


Jesus is calling His bride to awaken. Listen for His voice. Allow Him to wake you from your slumber. Respond to the call to step out of what is comfortable, what you know. Seek Him while He may be found. He is longing for a BRIDE. A Mature Bride, who will walk beside Him in humility, in Power and in His glory. Rise up from the ashes of defeat and loss. Break through the fear and the complacency that has wrapped its tentacles around your souls. He has the power. He has gained the victory. Death is no more. The power of sin and death is not our inheritance. Complacency and compromise are our prisons, not our defense. Allow Him to do the work He wants to do in our hearts and in our church.


He is calling us to search the heart. Take the time.


Start off by meditating on these scriptures:

Philippians 3:8-12

Song of Solomon 5:2-8

Revelation 3:20


As you wait for Him, pay attention to the words standing out to you as you read.

  • Write them down.

  • Take the time to ask Him what they mean to you.

  • What is He saying to you, personally? Dig deep and take the time to fully grasp what it is He is speaking.


Here are a few other questions that might be good to ask as well:

  • What door is He knocking on?

  • Where have you been resistant/complacent in responding to His voice?

  • Where and how do I repent?

  • What is one thing I can do to move toward His guidance?














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