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Sanctified Humanity
by Founder Catherine Booth

If I were asked to put into one word what I consider to be the greatest obstacle to the success of Divine truth, even when uttered by sincere and real people, I should say stiffness. Simplicity is indispensable to success; naturalness in putting the truth. It seems as if people the moment they come to religion assume a different tone, a different look and manner –– in short, become unnatural. We want SANCTIFIED HUMANITY, not sanctimoniousness.


You want to talk to your friends in the same way about religion as you talk about earthly things. If a friend is in difficulties, and he comes to you, you do not begin talking in a circumlocutory manner about the general principles on which men can secure prosperity, and the sad mistakes of those who have not secured it; you come straight to the point and, if you feel for him, you take him by the buttonhole, or put your hand in his, and say, “My dear fellow, I am very sorry for you; is there any way in which I can help you?


If you have a friend afflicted with a fatal malady, and you see it and he does not, you don’t begin to descant on the power of disease and the way people may secure health, but you say, “My dear fellow, I am afraid this hacking cough is more serious than you think, and that nasty flush on your cheek is a bad sign. I am afraid you are ill –– let me counsel you to see advice.” That is the way people talk about earthly things. Now just do exactly so about spiritual things.


If your friend has a spiritual disease tell him so, and deal just as straight and earnestly with him as you would about his body. Tell him you are praying for him, and the very concern that he reads in your eyes will wake him up, and he will begin to think it is time he was concerned about himself.


Try to attain this simple, easy, natural way of appealing to people about their souls. I believe if all real Christians would attain this, and acted upon it, this country would be shaken from end to end!



This previously was published by Salvation Factory at Friendship Evangelism-


















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