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Retirement Salute
by Captain Nicola Poore

There are some people who leave such an imprint on your life that you are forever changed because of their influence and investment. The reality is, that a great deal of what people appreciate about my character, leadership and ministry, is the fruit of Janet and Richard’s investment in me over the years.


Please allow me the privilege of honouring you and your ministry on this occasion of your retirement as Salvation Army Officers.


I first met Janet in 2009 at a holiness conference for creative types in Sydney (Brengle Create). Janet had flown from London to be one of the guest speakers, and she led daily sessions about Spiritual Disciplines. I was among the youngest in attendance, and that week at Collaroy is an enduring milestone in my life and spiritual formation journey.


Some 9 months later, The Salvation Army hosted a ‘World Youth Convention’ in Sweden in July 2010. One thousand young Salvos from around the world descended on Stockholm for teaching and worship. Janet and Richard preached together at one of the sessions. I mean, they literally preached together… they shared the platform; giving space and honour to one another in a kind of preaching ‘tag-team’ as their content and style flowed seamlessly. It was beautiful and powerful. I had never seen this kind of ministry partnership in marriage before.


It was also at the WYC in Sweden that I first surrendered to a calling into full-time ministry as a Salvation Army Officer. It was Janet who knelt with me and prayed the words of John 10:27 with me.


Fast forward 4 years, and Janet & Richard moved to Sydney to take up respective appointments in the Australia Eastern Territory. No sooner had the appointment bulletin been sent, than I reached out to Janet about journeying with me as my mentor. In the ensuing months and years we would meet regularly to discuss life and faith, leadership and discipleship. It was a mixture of spiritual direction and coaching.  Those were sacred and transformative times; too sacred to share. I’m so grateful, Janet.


It was in my second-year at Training College that Janet was then appointed the Training Principal at SFOT. Thanks be to God.


Richard and Janet – a few words for you.


Richard – your heart is stirred by a noble theme, “increase my capacity to love.” May God answer your prayer. And may God continue to anoint and strengthen your voice. You are a bonafide wordsmith – with the ability to craft words with care and with power, whether in spoken or written form. It’s a gift that I hope you will continue to use.


Janet – I am yet to meet anybody quite like you. The concentration of Christ in you has a gravitational pull that draws others into his presence. It is rare and it is beautiful. Thank you for living out your own words, and being as “yielded to Jesus as you know how to be.”


And to you both -

Your marriage and ministry partnership is ground-breaking. Together you have broken virtually every mould there is and have set new precedents, holy precedents, for egalitarian ministry within The Salvation Army. In this way, you celebrate one another, recognizing mutual giftedness in different ways, and you release each other to function and flourish in ministry. Your marriage is a blueprint, for which I and many others are grateful.  


Thank you, both. Thanks be to God.


The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


Shared with such a deep love and appreciation of you both. 🙏️ — with Richard Munn and Janet White Munn.










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