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 JAC exclusive Junior Soldier Interview


JAC – how did you get saved?

JS – I got saved when I was five.  My dad was reading Blood and Fireworks to me and it said something about having to know Jesus and love Him to go to heaven.  You need to be a Christian.  You need to repent.  I went to the bedroom with my dad and we prayed a prayer – Sorry / Thank You / Please (sorry for my sins; thank You for dying for me, for loving me…/ please forgive me, fill me, guide me, empower me…). 


Jesus forgave me.  He came into my life.


JAC – why did you become a Junior Soldier?

JS – I wanted to be closer to Jesus.  I want to live with Him all my life. 


JAC - How does becoming a Junior Soldier help with that?

JS – When you’re a Junior Soldier you can wear a uniform that shows people that you are a Christian, and you can learn things. 


JAC – what are some things you have learned?

JS – I have learned to never give up on Jesus.  I read in the Bible that Jesus does all these miracles.  That shows me He is real. 


JAC – Is there anything in your daily life that shows you He is real?

JS – Yes. 


JAC – for example?

JS – sometimes we go evangelizing in a few different places.  And we ask people their names, and we pray with them.  We try to get everyone saved.  Sometimes they do.  Hallelujah.


JAC – what else?

JS – Last week at school when I was waiting in line, my friend was crying because people were cutting us.  Then I asked him, ‘can I pray with you?’  And he said, ‘What’s that?’  And I said, ‘It’s speaking with God.’  So I prayed with him and soon all those kids who cut in were at the back of the line because some teacher saw what they did, and we were in the front. 


JAC – how do you work on your relationship with Jesus?

JS – I do a Warrior Decree every night before I go to bed.  In the car, we pray for each other.  We also sing songs praising Jesus.  And we do memory verses.  I’m also learning cornet. 


JAC – what words of encouragement do you have for people who are thinking about giving their lives to Jesus?

JS – Say ‘Sorry / Thank You / Please’ prayer and once you are with Jesus never abandon Him. 










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