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Nine Things I'm Hoping For During This Term
by Major Stephen Court


General terms are typically five years long in this generation, when the elected general is young enough to serve the full duration before retirement. 


Here’s the noun: ‘a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.’


These are nine hopes I have for this next half-decade*:


1. Jesus High.  That we lift the name of Jesus so high that all kinds of people from everywhere will be drawn to Him.  There are currently several billion people who need to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Let’s elevate that Name! 


2. Jesus’ Love.  That we will love people with such love that not only will they see that we are Jesus Christ’s disciples but they will be drawn into relationship with Him.  This is impossible in our own strength – this love comes first FROM God and then emanates out from our lives when He reigns in each of us.


3. Jesus’ Justice.  That we will fight winsomely for justice and many victims and oppressed and marginalised and voiceless people will be dignified.  A happy secondary effect will likely be that many will be attracted to fight alongside us and then sort out our motivation and empowerment and come to get to know the Lord Jesus Christ, too!


4. Holy Spirit Power.  That our covenanted lives will be so spick and span (think of the words to that old song, ‘If on my soul a trace of sin remaineth’ – we sang it on Sunday) that God is comfortably delegating supernatural authority such that the ‘Greater Things’ we read about are regularly and frequently manifest in our lives and warfighting and sick people are healed and oppressed people are delivered victimised people are freed and antagonistic people are softened to Jesus.


5. Every Country.  That we invade the remaining 70 or so countries still lacking a Salvationist presence.  14/ year.  Not easy.  But we’ve been blogging for 15 years+ now every day and many times we’ve thrown out goals and challenges to accelerate the advance of this component of the Great Commission – so if we’d jumped on some of the earlier challenges, we might only have 40 or 50 or so left now and the ‘job’ would be easier… 


6. Every Province / State.  That we invade every province and every state in every country in the world.  A national beachhead is great.  But we want to strike while the iron is hot and go hard in expanding, gaining beachheads regionally as well.


7. Every City.  That we invade every city in the world.  Massive challenge.  But success in ‘v’ and ‘vi’ will accelerate our expansion…


8. No Regrets.  That between now and then we (I) see what He’s doing and do what we’re (I’m) seeing (lifting this prayer from John 5:19, in which Jesus explains, “The Son can do nothing by Himself.  He can do only what He sees His Father doing; whatever the Father does, the Son also does.”  So, this is a prayer for clear spiritual vision and close intimacy with God.


9. Multiplication Maxim.  That we all throw our lives away multiplying multiplying disciples multiplying multiplying bases.** 


*I admit that these are ambitious.  It would be easier to ‘hope’ for incremental change and maybe shoot for ‘2%’ increases in this or that area.  But improved efficiencies and refined programming and intensified attention could all reach such modest ‘hopes’.  These, in contrast, REQUIRE GOD’S INVOLVEMENT.


** For a breakdown of the Base Network, see www.armybarmy.com/JAC/jac105.html











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