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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court

Greetings in Jesus' name. Welcome to the 144th edition of Journal of Aggressive Christianity.  JAC144 is the High Council Issue.


And it is different from previous JAC High Council content. In that past, we've offered up a whole bunch of articles on High Council, including 'Why Council' (Andrew Bale), 'A High Council Challenge' (Joe Noland), 'High Council' (Wesley Harris), 'The High Council: Who Will Be Nominated', 'What Does The World Think of High Council Delegates', 'High Council Revolution: The Pope and The General', 'High Council Revival', 'High Council Myth Busters' (read all of these, here: JAC Issue 086  <link>), 'High Council Issues' (here: JAC Issue 070 <link>), as well as the JAC ebook 'General Counsel' (Joe Noland and your JAC editor) (here: JAC Issue 114 <link>), 'The Supremacy Of Christ' (Eva Burrows) (not completely on the High Council but an inside story, here: JAC Issue 059 <link>, right back to the very first issue of JAC (JAC1!) in the last century, 'A Manifesto of Aggressive Christianity' by John Norton (not completely on High Council but with commentary, here: JAC Issue 001 <link>.


We invite you to dig back into that archive of High Council treasure.


But in JAC144, we're leaning in to prayer. The Salvation Army Spiritual Life Development group made a call for prayer for High Council delegates (and is resourcing that call, here: The Salvation Army Spiritual Life Development – Posts | Facebook  <link>). The High Council is scheduled to meet during the current life of JAC144 (May 2023). And we've gathered intercessory direction from salvationists around the world.


JAC144 kicks off with General Paul Rader offering some parameters and then a prayer in A God-born Army. 


Soldier Jeni Lipsett in British Columbia, Canada and Bermuda, offers a prophetic word and a devotional exercise in Awaken.


Soldier James McArthur in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Bermuda, leads us in a heart-felt prayer called Wisdom.


Captain Nana Fatouma Togo, Regional Secretary for Women's Ministries/Mali Region, offers a nearly comprehensive exercise for us in A Prayer for the High Council.


Captain Jessica Welch-Tursi, Corps Officer in north of Italy and Youth coordinator for the Italy and Greece Territory, shares a prophetic appeal to God for us in Return To Me.


Major Rob Reardon, Director of Mission & Ministry, at USW's Training College, has been leading General Prayer for years (see the article for a link to join), and leads our prayer here in Praying At Noon.


And that's JAC144.  If you read, share, and pray, God only knows the potential eternal impact of this issue!  God bless The Salvation Army.


Much grace.













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