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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court

Welcome to JAC142- the 142nd issue of Journal of Aggressive Christianity. 


Back in 1987, General Eva Burrows produced a Salvation Army Agenda For the Future.  It set the tone and direction of The Army’s mission for the duration of her seven-year term.    


In a season of swirling change and on the doorstep of another High Council (mid-2023), it seems appropriate to introduce the Burrows Agenda to a new generation of Salvationists.  We are reproducing it here to lead off JAC142.  And with it we are offering a considered 2022 response from Salvationists in six territories around the world:


1. USA Southern’s Colonel Allen Satterlee, author and historian, responds to the General’s first agenda item:


“To emphasise the supremacy of evangelism in fulfillment of the Lord’s great commission – ‘Go therefore and make all nations my disciples.’ (Matthew 28:19)” 


2. Corps Officer Captain Jo Brookshaw in Western Australia responds to the General’s second agenda item:


“To call the Army to spiritual renewal.”


3. Theologian and holiness teacher Colonel Ian Barr in United Kingdom, responds to the General’s third agenda item:


“To reaffirm our basic stance on the authority and validity of the Scriptures, both as the basis of our faith and as a guide for Christian conduct.”


4. In USA Eastern, Colonel Richard Munn, until recently a director of The Army’s International Social Justice Commission, responds to the General’s fourth agenda item:


“To emphasise the Christian ethic as the significant influence in establishing a moral society.”


5. USA Western’s Territorial Social Justice Ministries Director, Jacqui Larsson, responds to the General’s fifth agenda item:


“To support efforts for peace in the world, and champion the principles of justice and equity.”


6. The Territorial Youth Secretary of Canada and Bermuda Territory, Captain Jason Dockeray, responds the General’s sixth and final agenda item:


“To reaffirm the importance of our young people.”


This content is worth reflection, prayer, and discussion.  When you complete a round of that, then may God help you implement what you learn to accelerate the advance of the salvation war around the world. 

Hallelujah.  Much grace. 








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