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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court


Greetings in Jesus' name.  Welcome to JAC131 - the 131st issue of Journal of Aggressive Christianity.  The special focus in JAC131 is prophetic hindsight.  The idea is to project ourselves a decade ahead to 2030 and then look back to 2020 to determine what was significant, what was overblown, what we did right, what we missed...


And several Salvationists from around the world took up the challenge, and addressed the issue from different perspectives, each that will edify. 


Captain Thom Moffitt writes a personal letter to a soldier in 2030 (as Major Moffitt, as he is due for such a rank in 2030) that's both evocative and unsettling.  It is 'The Salvation War of 2020'.


Major Ron Millar, territorial archives director for Canada and Bermuda, zeroes in on one crucial aspect of the salvation war debriefing on '2020 Evangelism Through 2030 Eyes'. 


In 'What We Did When Church Was Illegal', Captain Michael Ramsay outlines some of the heroic efforts of the troops on his front back in 2020 - an accounting that is sure to inspire - and then reflects from 2030 on some of the lessons God taught us in that time.


Roy Snapp-Kolas, asking, 'How will 2020 Impact The Salvation Army Of The Next Ten Years', tackles four key issues that rose to the surface in 2020 - secularisation, LGBTQ, Racial Inequality, and 'Christian Nationalism' - that The Salvation Army must address with biblical and theological integrity.


Commissioner Joe Noland's 'The 2030 Dilemma' calls for a merger of 'Doing The Most Good' with 'Winning The Most Souls' in a blunt assessment of our 2020 record. 


Lieutenant Erik Johansson, currently invading Bulgaria (we wonder how THAT will look in a decade!), proves, yet again, that JAC is all about diversity of opinion, arguing that 2020 was, 'The Year That Changed Nothing'!


Your friendly editor has a piece called 'Prophetic Hindsight: Debriefing 2020 in 2030', which is admittedly optimistic.


And, in case you are all 2020'd out, we've got a bit of general content for you, a Drug Of Choice Study Guide by Commissioner Jim Knaggs for his book DRUG OF CHOICE: Papers on leveraging creativity in the salvation war.  This will be a handy resource for your class or small group or book club that is rushing through or planning to rush through that book in coming days.


And that, along with acting on your convictions for Jesus, should be enough to get you through to JAC132, should Jesus tarry.  If not, feel free to do a deep dive into the previous 130 issues in the JAC archive.  And, stay close to Jesus.


Much grace.








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