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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court

Greetings in Jesus’ name.  Welcome to JAC119 – the 119th issue of Aggressive Christianity.  We’re taking a breather in ‘119 from themes, having run on ‘Evangelism’, ‘Our Fathers Have Told Us’, and ‘Hope’ over the past six months.  JAC119 is a grab bag assortment of inspiration and teaching, from parts far and near.  This issue runs from Lieutenants to Colonel, from Burkina Faso to Brooklyn, from Genesis 3 all the way up to the day you read this.  Strap yourself in, and get ready to be edified by this inspiring line-up of contributors: 


Lieutenant Brian Dueck was the commissioning speaker representing the Messengers of the Gospel in Toronto this past year and spoke compellingly on ‘For The Sake Of Christ And The World He Came To Redeem’.  With his wife he leads the Weetamah Corps in Winnipeg.


Major Terence Hale contributes some research into some ‘fiery’ songs of Lawley and Booth (with some mention of Booth children) in ‘Considering Early Salvation Army Hymnology And Theology’.  He’s the Territorial Youth Secretary for Canada and Bermuda.


Captain Michael Ramsay – ‘But Am I Saved?’ is a hardcore look at some revolutionary teaching by John in Luke 3.  Alberni Valley Corps in British Columbia fights under his wife’s and his leadership.


Colonel Richard Munn’s Egalitarian Relationships is part of some larger research in which he is engaged these days that gives us Biblical foundation and confidence to live boldly in His will.  Munn leads and thinks and teaches on ethical and theological issues from his perch at USA Eastern’s THQ.


Lieutenant Scott Swires looks through practical, prophetic lenses to encourage readers in ‘Cultivating A Culture Of Creativity’.  With his wife he leads the Brooklyn Bay Ridge Corps.


Captain Andre Togo and Major Stephen Court team up to disseminate some ‘Incendiary Thoughts’ that is a primer for a larger project and which aims to stir up some burning passion.  Togo and his wife invaded Burkina Faso (#131 in SA countries invaded, for those counting).


Danielle Strickland reflects on ‘Finding The Hidden Secret That Unlocks The Doorway To Blessing’ (teaser- it has to do with gratefulness!).  Strickland helped start up Amplify Peace along with some other great commission initiatives (see DanielleStrickland.com for more).


That’s JAC119.  We hope you read it all, apply everything God highlights, share widely and frequently, and appreciate the experiences of our contributors from so many different perspectives and experiences.  Hallelujah.  Godspeed.









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