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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court, Editor


Greetings in Jesus' name.  Following hot on the heels of JAC116 - The HOPE Issue - we're thrilled to introduce JAC117 - "OUR FATHERS HAVE TOLD US: Some early-day stories of The Salvation Army', by Colonel Edward H. Joy.  This is a highly unusual issue of Journal of Aggressive Christianity. 


From the literary holdings of Colonel Maxwell Ryan, recently promoted to Glory, we received an unpublished manuscript by Colonel Edward Joy.  Joy, born in 1871, was promoted to Glory himself in 1949, so the undated manuscript is probably more than 70 years old.  Colonel Joy, a Briton who served in Great Britain, IHQ, Canada, and South Africa, is famous for his popular book THE OLD CORPS, which inspired the first Gowans and Larsson musical, and for this song:


All my days and all my hours

All my will and all my powers

All the passion of my soul

Not a fragment but the whole

Shall be Thine, dear Lord,

Shall be Thine, dear Lord.

(SBSA 566)


This 'book' contains stories that will be new to virtually everyone who reads them - and virtually each one of them (the stories).  In the introduction to one chapter, Joy describes the, "heroines of the scenes and exploits which are far beyond the imagination of present-day Salvationists."  Imagine how far beyond the imagination of PRESENT-DAY Salvationists these scenes and exploits might be!


Here are the stories:


The Gunpowder Plot…                                                                              


The Side-Walks Of New York                                                           


The Major’s Night-Shirt                                                            


A Veteran Woman Tells Her Story                                    


Weapons Of Defence                                                                 


The Courtship Of Honor Brown                                        


The Returned Insurance Money                                         


He Isn’t Knocking Tonight                                                     




In The Heart Of The Temple                                                  


The ‘Fraud’ Who Became Free                                                              


A Night In The Woods                                                              


The Midnight Plot                                                                      


He Labour Was Not In Vain                                                  


In An Underground Den


Winning Her Last Soul


What a shock some of these stories bring!  What visceral response!  Of course, the test is to press through these and live up to the heritage  Some reading this are, already.  Hallelujah.  For the rest of us, the challenge is clear.  Godspeed.     











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