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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court


Greetings in Jesus' name. 


Welcome to the 115th issue of Journal of Aggressive Christianity.  We're following on the heels of JAC114 - GENERAL COUNSEL: A Cross-generational conversation, with a grab-bag issue.  As you read this issue, you know how closely the High Council followed the suggestions in the last issue.  We've got a first-time JAC contributor, Captain Paula Hambleton, from Australia.  Captain Charles Roberts from USA Eastern territory weighs in.  Colonel Max Ryan (PtG), Captain Michael Ramsay (Canada), and Captain Pete Brookshaw (Australia) round out the line-up. 


Hambleton kicks things off with a splash of cold water into our faces in DEATH TO LIFE. 


Roberts teaches us from Jeremiah about THE BELOVED COMMUNITY, God moving in our cities with redemption, restoration, and renewal. 


Brookshaw uses a lot of Scripture to convince us that THE SALVATION ARMY DOES NOT BELONG IN A BOX. 


Ryan had a bracing article decades ago in The War Cry called SPIRITUAL FRIVOLITY.  Share widely.


Next up?  The notes from a teaching session on MOSES AND SPREADING THE PRESENCE OF GOD OVER THE FACE OF THE EARTH. 


The last section is Captain Michael Ramsay's GOD IN ACTION series based on the Articles of War.  We've broken it down to three parts: the introduction, the doctrines, and the declarations.  This is material that you can use in study groups and training classes as part of your discipling process at your corps. 


We trust the contents of this issue are efficacious to inform and accelerate the advance of the salvation war around the world.  Read deeply.  Share quickly.  Apply comprehensively.  








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