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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court, editor


Greetings in Jesus' name.  Mercy and grace to you from God our Father.  Welcome to the 113th edition of Journal of Aggressive Christianity!


Loyal JAC readers will note that we're coming off a string of themed issues: JAC112 GO FORWARD (addressing General Rader's High Council speech); JAC111 the 500th Anniversary REFORMATION issue (with guest editor Colonel Richard Munn), JAC110 Engaging Needham (with contributors interacting with Needham's Missional Salvationism article), JAC109 Five Books volume 3, JAC108 - Training Flavour (with many cadets contributing articles), JAC107 - the Danielle Strickland issue, JAC106 - Solemn Assembly issue, JAC105 - the Infinitum Issue, JAC104 - the Brookshaw Issue (Captain Pete Brookshaw), etc.


And, God-willing, we'll be coming back in JAC114 with a major themed ebook issue.  But we haven't forgotten our general readership, and recognise that for some a theme can exclude potential readers.  So JAC113 is eclectic!


We've a handful of contributors with different connections to JAC and this issue. 


First up, Major Beverley Smith (Canada and Bermuda) writes about 'Selling The Gospel'.  My current vocational and organisational focus is on evangelism and Major Smith has some good ideas and encouragement on this issue. 


Major Osei Stewart (USA Western) wrote a penetrating response to racial conflict in his country some time ago called 'How Can I Be Silent?'.  I've saved it for the right season and received permission to run it in JAC113.  Unrelated connection?  Among other things, the Major took responsibility for the Every City Campaign (Stage 2) after moves last summer.


Ministry Director Aaron White (Canada and Bermuda) has two pieces, one on 'Eliza Shirley: Missionary Pioneer for The Salvation Army in America', and the other on 'The Salvation Army and Incarnationalism.  Connection?  The Whites succeeded us in an appointment many years ago (that they retain today!).  


And Major Pauline Gruer-Caulfield is our Corps officer (Canada and Bermuda).  I'm convinced that soldiers of this corps are 'spoiled' by the depth of her insightful preaching week in and week out (she follows the lectionary).  So, you get a taste of it, here with messages from Mark 1, Matthew 25, Ezekiel 34, and Psalm 90.

Finally, Danielle Strickland (also Canada and Bermuda), goes on one of her patented JAC Rants, this time called, 'Imagine: or, A Women's Uniform Rant'.  Strickland is closely related to the editor of Journal of Aggressive Christianity.   



As usual, thanks to the contributors; thanks to your for reading it; and thanks to Major Don Grad for handling the technical aspects of producing 113 issues of Journal of Aggressive Christianity going all the way back to the past century.  Please read deeply and share widely.  And if you get through all of JAC113 before JAC114 comes out, take a deep dive into JAC1-112!


May God use the contents of this issue to accelerate the advance of the salvation war so that all kinds of people submit their lives to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  











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