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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court


Greetings in Jesus' name.  Mercy and peace to you from God our Father.  I trust the battle progresses well on your front.  Welcome to JAC112 - the 112th issue of Journal of Aggressive Christianity. 


We're calling this the We Must Go Forward Issue, centred, as it is, around General Paul Rader's nomination speech for the High Council in which he was elected General of The Salvation Army. 


By his own recollection, General Rader sets the context for this historic speech:


Having stood for election to the generalship only a year earlier, and having been again nominated, at the High Council in July 1994 I again had opportunity to articulate my vision for the Army and to share my heart and commitment to our mission should I be elected. Taking up the Founder’s watchword ‘Forward!’ I called for an advancing Army rising to the urgent challenges of our day. (General Paul Rader)​


We include the published version of the speech (both in the US War Cry, October 8, 1994, and in the Raders' book TO SEIZE THIS DAY OF SALVATION), with permission, for salvationists to consider in light of both the intervening decades and the High Council that is just around the corner.   


In particular, for JAC112, we've asked some Salvationists to take a run at this speech, offering freedom in approach and celebrating diversity in perspective.  You'll appreciate the different tacks that these warriors take in considering the speech and its effects on the Army and the world. 


Captain Kathleen Johansson is an Australian serving in Sweden with her husband as corps officer.  Her response to the speech is a lament. 


Envoy Roy Snapp-Kolas, CO in USA Western, comes to the speech as one who was very new to the Army when it was given and has grown in salvo experience over the years to be able to offer a unique perspective on it.


Captain Charles Roberts, CO in USA Eastern, reads it and responds as if Rader wrote it yesterday... as we all will benefit from trying.


I tackle it point by point and offer a quick reflection on impact and effectiveness. 


You are invited to consider the speech itself, yourself.  You are invited to prayerfully respond to the challenges it raises, prayerfully celebrate the victories it hinted at, and prayerfully lament those points on which we forfeited fullness by missing the target.  And we are all invited to fill in the gaps, to live up to the calling we have received and to the standard we have attained, and to heed the General's call, We Must Go Forward!










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