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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court, Editor
Colonel Richard Munn, Guest Editor


Greetings in Jesus' name.


Welcome to the 111th issue of Journal of Aggressive Christianity.  JAC111 is a special 500th Anniversary REFORMATION issue featuring guest editor Colonel Richard Munn.  Colonel Munn, holding the D.Min designation (Gordon Conwell; and MDiv, Asbury) is The Salvation Army USA Eastern Territory's Secretary for Theology and Christian Ethics, having most recently served as Chief Secretary in Australia Eastern Territory, and Principal of the International College for Officers. 


We're blessed to have him partner with JAC, and with the great line-up of contributors and topics he has arranged.  They include the following articles:


1 - 'Tour de Force' - Colonel Richard Munn

2 - 'Priesthood Inc.' - Cadet Scott Swires

3 - 'Sola Fide' - Lt. Colonel Wendy Swan

4 - 'Fruit of the Reformation: The Centrality of Sally Preaching - Captain Marion Platt

5 - 'Luther and Marriage' - Major JoAnn Shade

6 - 'Missional Music' - Captain Olivia Munn-Shirsath

7 - 'Luther in Contemporary Culture' - Envoy Steve Bussey


Enjoy the contents of JAC111 - may they help us all to be righteous, to live by faith - acting on our convictions toward world conquest.









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