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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court, Editor


Greetings in Jesus’ name.  Welcome to JAC108 – the 108th edition of Journal of Aggressive Christianity.  We’ve got a strong training flavor this issue of JAC, as several cadets from USA Western Territory have shared some of their study with the wider world for our general edification.  Thanks to the cadets (and the majors) for contributions. 


Resurrection Day is scheduled during the lifespan of JAC108 and Major Gord Taylor’s poem SILENCE can be used in your personal rations and your public meetings for inspiration and worship.


Cadet Erin Wikle gives us an introduction to the concept of EKKLESIA, and wonders what recapturing an accurate understanding of the term might mean for church in the our generation.


Cadet Claire O'Brien-Hawk takes a deeper look into how Jesus engaged those opposed to Him, teasing out approaches we might profitably apply, in her essay ON CONFLICT.


Cadet Grant Hall gives us a primer on the ASBURY REVIVAL, and prompts us to wonder about what and how conditions might be replicated today to see similar results.


Cadet Chris Wikle proposes AN EQUAL ARMY FOR A BETTER WORLD, emphasizing the tension between the Army’s egalitarian ideals and practical performance.


YOU LOST ME is a book by David Kinnaman addressing the demographic departure of millennials from active Christian engagement.  Two cadets, Laura Loomis and Grant Hall take a crack at the author’s argument. 


In The Problem Of Human [Dis]Obedience, The Providence Of A Supernatural God, Cadet Erin Wikle takes a fresh look at residence in and exit from the Garden of Eden and how it reflects on us and on God.


Major Danielle Strickland, the featured author of JAC107, is back with THE WAY OF CHRIST reflections from Lebanon. 




Cadet Erin Wikle reflects on Scot McKnight’s and Commissioner Kay Rader’s considerations in THE BLUE PARAKEET and TERMS OF EMPOWERMENT.


And Cadet Claire O'Brien-Hawk offers us a fresh perspective on THE FAITH OF THE CANAANITE WOMAN in her exegetical paper on Matthew 15:21-28.


We've got a first person, JAC-exclusive Junior Soldier Interview, called MY TAKE: ONE JUNIOR SOLDIER, with Judah Court Strickland to wrap up the contents of this edition of Journal of Aggressive Christianity.


As always, JAC intends to to offer provocative, orthodox, and edifying content to readers around the world.  Read closely and share widely.  Unless Jesus returns, we're aiming for June 2017 for JAC109.  If you finish JAC108 before then, feel free to take a deep dive into the previous 106 issues, all free, all archived on the main JAC page. 


On to world conquest!


Much grace.










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