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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court, editor


Greetings in Jesus’ name.  Mercy and peace to you from God our Father.  I trust the battle progresses well on your front.


Welcome to the 107th edition of Journal of Aggressive Christianity – JAC107.  In the past we’ve occasionally devoted whole issues to the thoughts of one person (think Commissioner Wesley Harris, Captain Peter Brookshaw).  We’re following that irregular series this time with a feature on Major Danielle Strickland’s writings. 


Major Strickland is a popular book author (half a dozen titles) and article writer.  We’ve collected a range of articles she has written over the years in different places on different topics for JAC107 as an introduction to JAC readers.  Those interested in more can try daniellestrickland.com.  You’ll find out more about her in the following articles…


One Word For 2017 - Ignite


Thanks Be To God


How Life Couldn’t Be Better


Growing Pains


The Long Road To Freedom


Not By Sight


Intentional Living


Think Big, Start Small, Go Deep


Free To Pray


Seismic Shift Required


How freedom works. Some thoughts on slavery.


We Don’t Lie Down in the Valley


A Spiritual Survival Guide for the Suburbs


Our best hope for a better world. Girl rant.


Small Is Beautiful


Her Voice Will Be Heard


Be A Superhero


Luck Is For Pagans


Wake Up!


That’s a taste.  You’ll be interested in reading more, of course.  She’s got a few new books scheduled to be out in coming months.  Save up. 


We trust the content of JAC107 serves to stir up your passion for our Lord Jesus Christ and for those for whom He came and died and resurrected.  Let’s aim to win the world for Jesus.










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